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Vol 34 (2023): Trebenishte. 105 Years Since the Discovery of the Necropolis at Trebenishte 1918 – 2023

H. Popov, Y. Dimitrova, K. Pramatarov, N. Ivanova, P. Minkov. Trebenishte. 105 Years Since the Discovery of the Necropolis at Trebenishte 1918 – 2023. National Archaeological Museum, Catalogues, Vol. XXXIV. Sofia, 2023. NAIM-BAS. 148 p., ISSN 2367-8860, ISBN 978-619-254-026-5.

On the occasion of the temporary exhibition “Trebenishte. 105 Years Since the Discovery of the Necropolis at Trebenishte 1918 – 2023” (9.10.2023 – 24.03.2024), organized in the Νational Archaeological Museum, scientific specialists from Bulgaria, Serbia, and North Macedonia prepared a volume presenting various aspects from the history of research of the necropolis.
The history of the Trebenishte is no less fascinating than the impressive features of the numerous artifacts found in the graves of both aristocrats who ruled over the community and common people who inhabited the area more than 2,500 years ago. In the spring of 1918, Bulgarian soldiers and officers were amazed to see gold masks, exquisite bronze and silver vases, jewelry, and arms emerging from the ground. The significance of the discovery was duly appreciated and the destinies of several scholars and public figures were implicated in the investigations of the necropolis. Despite the hard times, they managed to fulfill their professional duty to preserve the finds from the necropolis for future generations.
The issue includes twelve articles dedicated to: the discovery of the site and its first researchers – Karel Škorpil, Bogdan Filov, Nikola Vulich, and Vlado Malenko; the different categories of archaeological finds, such as the golden masks, the adornments, the bronze vessels, the armament, the amber, the pottery, the contacts with adjacent and remote regions of the antique world, the question for the ethnic affiliation of the deceased, the analysis of the phenomenon “rich graves” in the Balkan region during the Iron Age.
Editors of the volume are Hristo Popov, Kaloyan Pramatarov, Yana Dimitrova, Nataliya Ivanova, and Petar Minkov. The authors of the articles are Krastyu Chukalev, Vera Krstić, Tatjana Stojoska Vidovska, Aleksandra Papazovska, Pero Ardjanliev, Marek Verčík, Peter Delev. Pasko Kuzman, Milena Tonkova, Rastko Vasić, Yana Mutafchieva, Alexandar Palavestra, Staša Babić, Anelia Bozkova.

Published: 2023-10-09
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