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Vol 33 (2023): 130 Selected Objects from the Collection of the National Archaeological Museum

Κ. Boyadzhiev, M. Stamberova, T. Stefanova, Zheni Vasileva (ed.). 130 Selected Objects from the Collection of the National Archaeological Museum (=National Archaeological Museum. Catalogues, XXXIII). Sofia, 2023. Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, ISSN 2367-8860; ISBN 978-619-254-025-8, 200 pp.

A catalog dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the establishment of the National Museum (1892 – 2022). The book includes a foreword by the directors of NAIM-BAS – Assoc. Prof. Hristo Popov and Assoc. Prof. Stefan Alexandrov, texts written by Prof. Dr. Dochka Vladimirova-Aladzhova about the development of the museum as an institution and the numismatic collection, Sen. Assist. Krasimira Karadimitrova about the museum building – the Buyuk Mosque, Sen. Assist. Stanimira Taneva, Sen. Assit. Slava Vasileva, and Bisera Tomova about the prehistoric, antique, and medieval collections. The issue comprises a text by Ivan Voykov and Sen. Assist, Krasimira Karadimitrova about the stone monuments collection, and by Krastyu Chukalev about the representative collection storing objects of precious metals and precious stones from all archaeological periods. The catalog presents 130 of the most significant artefacts kept currently in the museum, many with a fascinating history. Some of the objects were brought to the museum when it was still a department of the National Library. Others joined the museum’s collection in recent years as a result of the numerous archaeological excavations carried out by the archaeologists working at the NAIM-BAS.

The volume is in Bulgarian. It has been realized due to the coordination by Assoc. Prof. Stefan Alexandrov. The compilers of the catalog are Galina Grozdanova, Ivan Voykov, Kaloyan Pramatarov, Kamen Boyadzhiev, Krastyu Chukalev, Miglena Stamberova, Nataliya Ivanova, Slava Vasileva, Stanimira Taneva, Yana Dimitrova-Taseva, Zheni Vasileva. The editors are Kamen Boyadzhiev, Miglena Stamberova, Tatiana Stefanova, Zheni Vasileva. The English language translation is provided by Anelia Vassileva and Tatiana Stefanova. Photos: Κrasimir Georgiev and Miglena Raykovska. Layout design: Galya Gerassimova.

The catalog is published with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria and can be purchased in the ticket office of the National Archaeological Museum, Sofia, Atanas Burov Square № 1.

Published: 2023-10-17
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